Our produce department is bursting with a large variety of premium grade produce.

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Locally grown

A lot of the produce you find in our store is grown right here in Naples.

Locally sourced

We locally source items we don’t grow whenever possible. Always fresh. Always quality.

We take pride

We take pride in the organization and presentation you will find in the produce department.


Seed to Table isn’t just a slogan

Because we are the grower, we can rotate in seasonal produce fresh from the farm while other retailers must wait for shipments.

Insider tip: For extra fun, stop by our machine that lets you core your own pineapple.

Fresh & Premium

Some of the premium, fresh produce you will find here

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seed to table_strawberries
seed to table_watermelon
seed to table_orange
seed to table_tomatoes
seed to table_green tomatoes

Let us cut it for you

We can expertly chop and prepare the fresh fruits and vegetables that you select to save you prep time when you get home to cook or have them ready to serve.

Yes! We’re proud of our artistic custom fruit baskets.

It would be our pleasure to help you provide healthy snacks!

Salsa & Guacamole

Fresh salsa & guacamole

No food processors here.

Every day, our experts use 30-40 cases of premium ingredients to make our all-natural salsa and guacamole by hand. You can even watch it being made in the store.

This makes a heartier product, with chunks of fresh vegetables in them.

We make all-natural salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole and spicy guacamole.


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