Our pastas are made fresh in-store, every day from the best ingredients we can find.

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Wide Variety

We make a wide variety of pastas to fulfill all your cooking needs.

Finest Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients in all of our pastas and doughs.

Wheat Pasta

For the best results, our wheat pastas start with a 00 Semolina Flour.

In-house Ravioli

We make five kinds of ravioli in-house every day, ready for you to cook.

Made-fresh Pizza

Our made-fresh pizza dough is popular and ready for you to take home.

Fast Cooking Time

Most of our pasta will cook in under 3 minutes.


We make more

Making our own pasta, let’s us offer more varieties.

When you shop in our pasta department, you can find a wide variety of choices including pappardelle, linguini, bucatini, garganelli, gemelli and more. Sometimes you can watch it being made.

Wide range of Pasta

Instead of the same few types of pasta, you will find at many other grocery stores, we offer a range of pastas for even the most discerning chef.
Here are a few of those choices:



Spinach Linguine

Spinach Linguine







Fiocchi Pasta


Made in Naples

We make our pasta right in front of you.

Take a few minutes to watch our experts turn our premium quality ingredients into something that your family will love at dinner tonight. They will also answer your preparation questions.

We make wheat lasagna and it’s a fun process to watch!

We make meat, lobster, ricotta, fig and cheese ravioli fresh every day.

We make many varieties, like spinach, red pepper and squid ink.

Not just pasta

Not just pasta

You can find more than just pasta here

We’re proud of our pasta, but there’s more to find in this department. We make our own pesto, tapenade, marinara, bolognese, lemon caper sauce, mushroom marsala, & alfredo sauce.

There are so many, but the manicotti is one of our favorites.

Yes! Our mozzarella is made in-house, and you can find it with the pasta.


You can also order made-from-scratch pasta from our restaurant!


Frequently Asked Questions

We make fresh pasta every single day!

Yes, most of our pasta is available for purchase by the pound.

Our store is open daily from 7 AM to 10 PM.

You can find the fresh-made pasta near the checkout area.

Yes, we make delicious, ready-to-bake garlic bread.