We carry only the finest meats for the center of your plate

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Grass Fed Options

Our grass fed options include Cedar River Grassfed Ribeye, Strip, Chuck Roast, and Ground Beef.

Braveheart Beef

We proudly partner with Braveheart Black Angus Beef to bring you prime and choice-grade meat.

Signature sausage

We make our own Italian sausage, bratwurst, kielbasa and more in-house.

Steak Service

You can select a steak and take it to our culinary area to be cooked to order.

Quality Chicken

We have stock chicken, either plain or marinated, as well as Smart Chicken Organic Poultry ready for purchase.

Ready to Grill

We have chicken or beef kabobs and marinated beef tips ready to take home.


Eat your heart out.

Choose from our variety of Black Angus Braveheart steaks.

Whether you’re looking for choice or prime, you’ll love our selection of Braveheart Black Angus beef. Be sure to check our weekly savings ad as we have specials on meat every week.

Black Angus Beef

Only the best, from ground beef to steak.

We selected Braveheart Beef as our partner because of their reputation for taste, consistency and quality. From filet to chuck roast, you know you will be getting the best every time you shop.

We do carry Wagyu beef.

You can. They’re delicious…and massive. Put one on your grill.

It’s all great, but people overlook the sirloin tips. Give them a try.


Everything you need.

Our meat department has you covered.

We have sausages, bacon, pork, lamb, chicken and more. We also have chicken, turkey or beef kabobs ready to take home and cook. There are also sauces, rubs and seasonings to make your meal great.


Shop our weekly savings for the best deals on meat.

Meat Department

Frequently Asked Questions

We make both sweet and hot Italian sausage. They are customer favorites.

We have osso buco. Our wine department can help you pair a wine with it.

We do! We offer regular and thick-cut, or you can cut your own.

Yes! Select it from us and the culinary department will cook it for you.

We make bratwurst and kielbasa too. They’d be great on your grill.