Our dairy department is fully stocked and ready to serve your needs.

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Ethical Dairy

Our dairy partner uses ethical dairy practices and you get a better product.

Fresh orange juice

We make our own orange juice, freshly squeezed for your breakfast table.

Vegan options

We have a range of options for those on a vegan diet.

Cage-free eggs

We carry free-range, cage-free, and local eggs.

More creamer choices

We have both dairy and non-dairy creamers ranging from oat to traditional.

Many cheese choices

Our dairy department stocks many quality kinds of cheese including brie, feta and gouda.

Premium dairy options

Premium dairy options

We stock the finest choices for you

Our dairy section has high-quality products including cage-free eggs, ethical dairy products and vegan options. Come and see what we have for you.

Fresh Squeezed Juice

Our dairy section is more than milk and cheese

Our dairy is filled with quality non-dairy products too. Our very own Oakes Farms fresh-squeezed pure orange juice, premium bottled waters, cage-free eggs and more. Walk through and see what we have for you.

Yes! Aside from our pure orange juice, we carry numerous other juice choices.

We have a section of premium bottled waters and iced teas too.

You bet! They’re waiting for you in the coolers.

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It’s All Here

Breakfast or any other meal gets better here

Cream cheese, locally made butter, coffee creamers, yogurt and English muffins are just a few of the things you will find in the dairy department. We carry the best so you can shop smart.

We do! And we carry Irish and Amish butter as well.

Yes, in our Food & Thought grocery area you’ll find organic dairy options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have goat milk cheeses, as well as sheep’s milk cheeses.

We do! We also have quail eggs in addition to chicken eggs.

We have oat, almond, cashew, flax, soy, coconut, walnut and more.

It is not. Our orange juice is 100% pure and fresh-squeezed.

We do, along with fresh ricotta, gouda, cheddar, feta, brie and more. Come and see.