Ice Cream Shop

Sweet treats for every taste, all made fresh in our store.

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Fresh matters

All of our ice cream and gelato is made here, from fresh premium ingredients.

We have milkshakes

We make milkshakes to order from your selection of our 24 flavors.

Taste it first

Our ice cream shop associates will be happy to give you a sample spoon.

Better choices

Ice creams, gelatos, sorbets and a vegan option, all made with better ingredients.

Waffle cones

Of course, we make our waffle cones right here at Seed to Table!

Great toppings

We have toppings for your ice cream here or to take home.


Here or home

Whether you are hungry now or will be later

We have pints of our homemade ice cream pre-packaged for you to take home or mix and match from our bulk candy selection. We can satisfy your sweet tooth now or later.

Got Ice Cream?

We have your next favorite flavor

We make our ice cream in-house, from the best ingredients, so you can enjoy the quality and flavor here in the store or later at home.

We have pints and quarts already packaged and ready for you to enjoy at home.

We have cups available and plenty of toppings for you to add.

We sure do! 

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The other cold treat

Our gelato is made fresh in-house.

Whether you want something lighter than ice cream or just prefer the taste, if you want gelato, you want ours. Made fresh with premium ingredients, in house at Seed to Table.

Our associates will be happy to give you a sample spoon.

We do have different flavors based on seasons. Try them all.

Seed to Table

Try our delicious made-from-scratch ice cream for yourself!

Ice Cream Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

We do and they’re great. We make them ourselves in our stores.

Our Banana walnut chocolate chip ice cream might take that title.

We do and many of our toppings are made here in our store.

You will find croissants, scones and muffins along with Bostock and donuts.

You can sample the ice creams and gelatos before you decide.