Gourmet Cheese

When you need an extraordinary cheese our Gourmet Cheese Department is ready for you.

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Wide Variety

Our Gourmet Cheese department has hundreds of artisan cheeses for you to select from.

More than cheese

Dips and crackers that you may want to pair with your cheese are in the department.

Olive Bar

We have the largest selection of olives in the area.

Expert cutting

We will expertly cut any of your cheese purchases to suit your needs.

In-house experts

Our Gourmet Cheese associates are experts and ready to help you.

Custom trays

Whether a plate of cheeses or a full charcuterie, we can make it to order.


Ready to entertain

When you need to prepare, we can help

The Gourmet Cheese department has everything together for you. Cheeses, crackers, dips, nuts and olives all in one place, along with experts who can help you make your selections.

Extraordinary cheese

We bring the finest cheese here for you

This isn’t your chain store selection. We bring in the finest cheese from domestic and international sources to satisfy everyone from the casual nibbler to the dedicated turophile.

Whether it’s raw or pasteurized, we have cheese made from cow, goat, buffalo and sheep milk.

Hand-stretched daily mozzarella cheese is a customer favorite.

Yes! Our associates will expertly cut your choices to your specifications.


Just for you

Ready for a party or a quiet dinner

We can help you select a cheese for a special occasion, or we can help you get ready for a party with cheese trays or a full charcuterie.

Usually a platter of cured meats, cheese, olives, nuts, crackers and dried fruit.

Absolutely! Come tell us what you need and we’ll get to work.

Seed to Table

Come shop with us for all of your gourmet cheese needs.

Gourmet Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions

We do! We make mozzarella in-house and have it ready for you. Also, Urs (our master cheese maker) makes a variety of cheese dips in-house.

We have one called Menage made from cow, goat and sheep milk.

Try pairing a hard cheese, such as Prairie Breeze, with a soft cheese, such as Délice de Bourgogne.

We have them right in the department ready for you.

We’re proud of how large our olive selection is. Our olives are self-serve and by-the-pound.