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Made in Naples

Many products are made here and proudly wear our own label.

Italian Products

You’ll find a huge selection of high quality Italian products that are hard to find elsewhere.

More oil choices

We stock a variety of oils including those made from rice bran, hemp and seaweed.

Ready for dinner

 For easy dinners, we prepare marinated chicken, ready to take home and start cooking.

Healthy frozen choices

Our frozen foods range from organic ice cream to meat substitutes to gluten-free pizza.

Healthy snack choices

We have chips, crackers and healthy snacks made from the best ingredients.

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Organic and Healthy

Eating healthy has never been easier

Whether you are trying to eat organic, vegan, gluten-free, or just enjoy a healthier lifestyle, our grocery section makes it easier by stocking only high-quality, healthy choices.

Products we hang our hat on.

Many grocery products are made for Seed to Table and proudly wear our own label. Beyond our signature items, we’ve sourced from the highest quality companies to bring you items like these.

Seed To Table Signature

Seed To Table Signature

Shop our signature items, ranging from spices to jams and jarred fruits, and more.

Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen

We’re proud to carry a wide selection of Stonewall Kitchen items.

Organic Options

Organic Options

The Food & Thought section of our grocery store is 100% organic!

Made in Florida

We’re proud to feature a variety of products made in Florida, such as Kristi’s Key Lime Cookies.

It’s similar to jelly but made from citrus and may contain citrus peel.

Our Chocolate Banana Jam pairs great with our fresh baked bread.


Choose your own

Buy nuts and snacks by the pound

Choose from our selection of nuts, trail mixes and healthy snacking options and get the amount you want. Or grind your own peanut butter in the store.

All-natural plain or honey-roasted peanuts or almonds

Absolutely! You pick the weight that suits your needs.

Local honey

Choose your flavor

Choosing local honey has certain health benefits. We’re proud to carry Walker Farms honey and have worked with them for many years.

Walker Farms Honey


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Frequently Asked Questions

We carry rice, quinoa, couscous and risotto, as well as pre-packaged pasta.

We stock a selection of meat substitutes and items for those on a vegan diet.

Yes! We carry items like pizza with almond flour crusts for those eating gluten-free.

We carry a variety of locally harvested honey from small-batch beekeepers.

Yes! Our Food & Thought organic market section is all organic groceries.